Quality Control Plan template

Quality control plan template is a sample documents that shows the techniques and procedures for controlling the product or service quality. A professional designed sample quality control plan can help both the business and project managers to to maintain the quality standards that are consistent to the requirements and specifications.

Quality Control Plan

Quality control plan need to consider the goals of reliability and quality. Reliability goals are established based on the needs and expectations of end users. Some reliability benchmarks could be competitor product reliability , warranty data or frequency of repairs over a set time period. Quality goals should be based on metrics that are gained from company production or past experience.

Quality control plan need to get the support of management team. One of the key to the success of product quality control is the interest, commitment and support of top management team. It is vital for the quality control team to involve in the process of quality planning discussions and initiatives. Management need to be updated at the conclusion of every product quality planning phase to reinforce their commitment and support.

Quality Control Plan Template

There are free plan template you can download for reference or you can design your own sample plan for your own use. In the process of developing your own sample plan template, it is important to consider the plan format, plan style and the key sections.

The first key part in quality control plan template is the control plan scope. In the section, you need to define the actions that are used at every step in the process. During the manufacturing process, control plan provide the process monitoring and control methods.

The second key part in quality control plan sample is the control procedure. In the section, you need to give details of control process. For example, Process Number:___ (enter the operation number of the process step); Process Description:____ (state the details of the operation);Product Characteristics___; Process characteristics:____.

The last key part in quality control plan example is the evaluation plan. In the section, you need to identify the measurement system being used to evaluate the product or process.


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