Sales Action Plan Template

Sales action plan template is a sample plan that shows the details of implementation plan for business to take actions. A well thought sample sales plan can help the business to turn the theories and strategies into concrete actions.


Sales Action Plan Format

Sales action plan need to consider the context of marketing plan and business strategies. When developing your sales plan, it is important to associated your sales plan with your marketing plan and set out in detail how you will deliver marketing objectives, target market segments and support major marketing activities, such as promotional drives. you need to identify the key aims of your strategy. For example, which target markets you are aiming for and the timescales involved.

Sales action plan need to consider the customer needs, style, characteristics and buying decisions. For example, what products they want and what level of service they expect, know when, where and how your customers buy and what are the key factors influencing their buying decisions. The general trends and competitions of the market is also a important factors to consider in your plan.

Sales Action Plan Template

There are free plan template you can download for reference, however, you may choose to create your own sample template that suitable for your own situations.

The first key section in sales action plan template is sales forecast. In the section, you need to have a detailed breakdown of the sales you plan to achieve by month, by customer and by product. the sales forecast and figures may be based on previous sales levels considering information about major new orders, changes to customers’ buying habits, and other factors such as pricing and marketing activities. For example, the last year monthly sales figures are:_____, The current year planned sales figures are:____.

The second key section in sales action plan sample is the resource and support. In the section, you need to list detail support and resources from different department to help achieve the sales goals. The company may need to train sales people to understand more about company product and market knowledge as well as selling skills. For example, the company need to recruit____ new sales person, Target new market:____.

The last key section is sales action plan example is performance measurement. In the section, you need to show how the performance of individuals sales and different department should be tracked and analyzed. you may compare this year’s sales with the previous year’s and with those of similar companies in your market and Analyze which sales people, and channels, are most productive, and why.


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