Strategic Plan Template

A good strategic plan template should provide a clear explanation of how one or more strategic goals are to be achieved by an organization or program. It typically outlines long-term goals and details the specific strategies and programmatic goals that are to be pursued. A strategic plan will give a clear path between a present condition and a vision for the future.

Strategic Plan Format

A strategic plan template needs to answer the key questions: where are we? and where do we want to go and why? In order to answer the question, the template needs to divide into several sections: Executive Summary, Current Situation, Target Goals, Resources requirements, and implementation plan.

The Executive Summary section should be an executive level presentation of the more detailed Strategic Plan contents. This section should provide a clear, cogent presentation of how this particular strategic plan aims to support the broader strategic goals of the organization, the benefits to be realized by adopting it, a realistic timeframe for its implementation and the associated costs.

The current situation section provides an assessment of the existing situation. It should be closely linked to the inventory of existing infrastructure , but it covers a broader set of considerations.

Strategic Plan Template

When designing your strategic plan template, companies need to maintain a consistent style and format for all departments, there are several key elements you need to include in sample strategic plan: current situation analysis, strategic goals and implementation plan.

The first key part in strategic plan sample is the current situation analysis. In this part, your strategic planning should start with an assessment of the current situation. It begins with a couple of basic questions: 1) Who are we? and 2) Where are we? In this regard, strengths and weaknesses are important to articulate. Understanding the status quo is a precursor to implementing change. Strengths help position an organization to take advantage of opportunities, whereas weaknesses may make the organization vulnerable to threats, or less able to exploit opportunities

The second key part in strategic plan example is the strategic goal. A strategic goal is a long term goal whereas a programmatic goal is a short term and actionable steps. it is important to knwo that setting strategic goals is separate from the planning process, but articulating programmatic goals to achieve the strategic goals is an important part of the process.

The last part in strategic plan template is the implementation plan. This section of the Strategic Plan should document a set of specific steps, phases, and activities required to get to the endstate. This is the strategy for moving forward.


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